Prepper Communications

The SHTF and you and your family bugged out, heading for a safer homestead. After setting up your new home and settling in to the prepper lifestyle, there is a strong desire to explore the surrounding terrain. One day, you set out for a hike in the wilderness. Up to this point, bugging out has felt relatively simple, an adjustment, but not a difficult one. While out hiking, you hear static and noise over your walkie talkie. The walkie talkies are out of range for utilizing the FRS, immediately you begin walking back, feeling something is wrong. Changing to the GMRS channels, you hope to get within range, but no luck. The AMRRON is inaccessible as well. Now you are running back to the homestead, wishing you had set up the NVIS system to increase the range of your walkie talkie system. Sweating upon returning, you see a total upheaval of your gear, food stockpile, and water supply. An intruder has attacked while you were away. As a prepper and survivalist, you are confident in your ability to grow or hunt more food, purify more water, and make do with the gear left. The fear in your family’s faces is difficult to accept. Knowing your communications should have been better prepared, that is a difficult pill to swallow. Communications, and the supplies that facilitate them working longer, faster, better, are a vital part of the prepper stockpile.

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