Prepper Communication

You pride yourself on being the ultimate prepper. When the SHTF, no one has skills like you do for the survivalist lifestyle. After bugging out, you set up camp. A day hiking is just what you need, but your partner wants to stay back at camp. While you are out, there is an attack on the camp. A nearby stranger has been casing your campsite, and waited for one of you to leave. Now that the odds are in his favor, he has seized the opportunity to attack in an effort to steal food and expensive gear. A struggle ensues, and while your partner fights a good fight, the stranger utilizes the element of surprise, and manages to knock your partner out with a rock to the head. Upon waking, head bleeding, throbbing, and confused, how will your campmate reach you for help? Do you have long-range comms ability, or just short-range? Is your comms equipment on par with other prepping equipment in regard to hunting, camping, climbing? Just because you are leaving the modern society does not mean you will not need to be able to communicate with people. Walkie talkie devices are necessary for prepper comms, but do you have a nvis?. Can you access the frs and gmrs channels? Are you operating on uhf or vhf frequencies, or do you even know? Do you have a repeater for transmitting your signal longer distances? Do you have an antenna for picking up others’ signals? Your ability to communicate after bugging out is vital for safety. Your family needs to be able to find one another at all times, and homesteading offers no landline. A good survivalist has great communications equipment, because help is just a call, or walkie away.

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