Prepper Canned Goods

One important aspect of the prepper food stockpile is canned goods. Imagine you have bugged out, and one beautiful day you go out exploring. When you return to camp you see your food supply has been ransacked by animals. It was not secured properly and the majority of what is left is canned goods. Dry goods have been torn open and are half eaten, half strewn all over your campsite. Some of the cans are dented, but overall they are in good condition. This is now your food supply until you can configure other options, like hunting, or growing new vegetables to can. Do you feel confident in your supply? Do you know the expiration dates of these left-over cans? Confident enough to know you will not accidentally poison yourself with botulism? Knowledge of, and adequate supply of, canned goods is vital for survival. Prepping a food supply is a serious job. Preppers rely on stockpiles for survival. Foods like tomatoes, potatoes, corn, and other fruits and vegetables can all be canned and stored, if done properly. Ensure your food stockpile durability, and your own survival, by packing quality canned goods. When the SHTF, the last thing you want is to endanger your own safety by consuming foods past expiration. Canned goods can be non-GMO sources of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients necessary for survival, or they can be cans of tainted, expired food that will potentially kill you. Your stockpile preparation skills will make the difference.

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