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After watching yet more bad news, you have decided that it is time to prepare for the worst case scenario, when the SHTF. Where do you begin? You read, thesurvivalistblog, and other internet resources, but you need more guidance in the world of preppers. You never thought you would be researching homesteading in this day and age, but here you are doing just that. In order to become a prepper, and feel confident in your knowledge, you need a range of books to guide you through all survival topics. You are scared and desperate to learn the best, most effective and efficient methods of survival. The only thoughts on your mind are those of protecting yourself and your family in a time of survival. Books by authors such as, James Rawles, will aid in teaching you what you need to know on the topic of bushcraft, creating a prepper stockpile, and sufficiency in the preppers world. Prepper books range in topics from tying proper knots, to trapping small game. Handbooks for every situation are out there, and many are paperback for easy packing in your stockpile. Never be without the information you desperately need, right at your fingertips. The internet may not be available when you bugout, but your guide books will always be handy. Whether in case of emergency, or books to guide you through the day-to-day processes of homestead living, prepper books are a necessity of life.

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