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Portable Generator Solar Kit

Use solar power as a source for your bug out campsite, for renewable, clean off-grid power

  • Awesome system with great set-up
  • Strong, sturdy case
  • Great source of power
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My Portable Generator Solar Kit in Action

When you made the decision to bug out, you planned carefully in regards to providing power to your campsite. Rechargeable batteries are the most efficient method of charging devices, but you need to recharge the battery packs. You bought the Renogy Phoenix Portable Generator All-in-One Solar Kit. Upon setting up the campsite, you assemble the kit, and start charging. During the week you notice how great it is at keeping all the small items you need powered. Utilizing the sun is a great, off the grid, power source. No matter what the SHTF event, this device will provide power to tools and devices for the duration. Solar power is readily accessible, and free, if you have the equipment to harness and use it.

My Stockpile Summary

This Portable Generator Solar Kit is a seriously strong addition to your survival stockpile for an investment of $688.46. Our team of professional preppers have given this product a rating of 4.7 out of 5 possible points. We consider it a excellent addition to the Power Source section of your stockpile. When SHTF you’ll be glad you invested in this Portable Generator Solar Kit.

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