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Police-Grade Pepper Spray

Powerful formula contains not only pepper spray, but tear gas and UV dye to assist in identification

  • 10-foot range
  • 4 year shelf life
  • 35 sprays per container
  • Pocket clip or keychain
  • Portable and easy to use
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My Police-Grade Pepper Spray in Action

It was just another day in the post-apocalyptic world when you were ambushed by a small gang with their eyes on your go-bag. You know that you won’t last a week without your all-important supplies contained in that bag, so you are willing to fight to the death if that’s what it takes. But there are three of them, and only one of you. They demand that you hand over all your stuff or they’ll be happy to beat you into submission. You politely respond that there is no way in hell you are doing that, and pull out your handy Police-Grade Pepper Spray. The men lunge at you, ready for a fight, when you press down on the mechanism and release a powerful stream of pepper spray, tear gas, and even a UV detection dye right into their eyes from 10 feet away. Your assailants all drop to their knees, shrieking in pain as you hightail it out of there with all your supplies and body parts intact.

My Stockpile Summary

This Police-Grade Pepper Spray is an easily affordable addition to your stockpile for only $8.12. Our team of professional preppers have given this product a rating of 4.9 out of 5 possible points. We consider it a excellent addition to the Self-Defense section of your stockpile. When SHTF you’ll be glad you quickly purchased this Police-Grade Pepper Spray.

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