Hurricane Survival Kit

Hurricanes are strong, dangerous storms that rob people of homes, belongings, and sometimes life. A category 4 hurricane is closing in on your home. The winds outside have ripped trees out of the ground, and damaged surrounding homes. What preparation steps have you taken to ensure your survival? The time to evacuate has passed, the storm is too close. The bathtubs are filled in preparation of needing extra water. This is the SHTF event you have been preparing for the last several months. The bottled water supply is secured, the gas stove is off and disconnected. You have weathered a few disasters, but this is by far the most intense. You stop and question whether or not you secured the shutters enough, but now it is too late. You hear one rip off the side of the house, apparently the shutters could have been secured better. The streets are starting to flood. The reports liken this hurricane to Katrina. Your preparedness is put to the test. Hours later, the storm passes. It is still raining, but this is the tail end. You have survived, a little worse for wear, but alive. Now is the time to ensure the cleanliness of your water supply, the safety of your home, the condition of your food supply, and your surroundings. Prepping definitely made the difference in your ability to wait out this storm.

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