How to Survive a Flood

Floodwaters can move fast and without warning. There a few prepping tips to drastically increase your chances for survival.
  • Always pay attention to information from the television or weather radio from the NWS and react to flood warnings immediately.
  • For those living in floodplains where flash flooding can occur and expect your house to be flooded, you can evacuate before you hear a warning and floodwater reaches you.
  • If you choose to evacuate in order to survive, do it a quickly as possible. Some suggest moving valuables to a higher floor but remember minutes could cost you your life.
  • Never walk or drive across moving water - this is howm many people drown from floods every year.
  • Have an flood emergency survival plan and gear.
Flooding is one of the extreme environmental disasters for which every prepper should be prepared. Flood waters will ruin food stockpiles, gear, and bring dirty water with potential disease. A flood will shut down highways, cause massive evacuations, and requires preparedness to ensure safety afterwards. Imagine, you have set up camp near a river in order to have a water source, and a fishing source. A storm comes, and for days it is raining. The storm seems to be never-ending. Inch upon inch of rain falls. The river is rising, and at any moment, it will breach its banks. You moved camp once, but there is not ground nearby that is high enough to move camp to in order to avoid this flood. Do you have sandbags? Do you have an evacuation plan? Are you prepared to facilitate your survival during this natural threat? DO you trust FEMA to come to the rescue? The river floods the surrounding area, and it is moving towards your camp. The sandbags you packed are holding for now. You have moved your food storage into the trees for the most part, securing it with paracord. Finally, after days, the rain stops. The water begins to subside, and most of your gear is fine. Being prepared saved your belongings and possibly your life. The right supplies make all the difference for preppers in surviving a natural disaster.

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